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  sadface.GIF (986 bytes) I regret to inform everyone that Ryan is no longer a part of Fear Sight due to musical indifference. With this said we are currently looking for a BASS player, very SERIOUS inquiries only, call 402-580-0356 or email address and message board below.  Check out our MySpace page for some music, and if you really want to hear what we're all about, come see a 3man show. I will continue to update this page with info as the search goes on. Please help pass the word on...this is far from the end of FS... -Spike

12/18/04 . :(

     Sadly there is another recording project that is being mixed before ours will be finished so the new music will be here on Sean's birthday, the 22nd. When we upload the new tracks to the main page, the rest of the site will be shut down until the new one takes its place. -FS

12/11/04 . New ep Vocal Recordings

     This after noon we are re-recording the vocal tracks on the ep and re-mixing the whole thing to get an overall more accurate representation of the music.This time we're not under the weather like the first recording session. Be sure and check here for the new recordings no later then Saturday Dec. 18th. By then the good stuff will be up and ready for your ears. and our musicclips page have the first demo songs now, and will have the new songs on our site later. -FS

12/4/04 . Time off for changes

First as a band, we would like to apologize to Wade, Rick and the royal grove for our actions on Nov 12th.  It was unexpected and inexcusable but we feel the situation was partly created by other outside factors that could have been avoided. Now...

     Over the next few months we're going to be focusing more of our time on new material and recording more songs.  There's a lot of material we still want to finish before returning to playing shows regularly.  During the time off, a new web page is being made and will be uploaded in 2005.  There will be more news and constant up-to-date information on the site so even during our break, you wont miss a beat on what's goin' on down in ThePIT.   NEW copies of our FREE ep will be available starting at our Dec 23rd show, and speaking of cds, we're playing DEADECHOES' cd release party on Jan 8th at TheRoyalGrove, other acts include CYNGE, and PAIN THEORY. So come an get a DEADECHOES cd and see our last show until probably late March. Stay tuned----FS

11/26/04 . New Shows

10/28/04 . Only 3 Days Away...

     Sunday night will be a party and a half. FS, FATALIST, SINIKIL, and DIRTFEDD all together in one show at Randy's Grill and Chill. Show starts at 9pm and we are going FIRST so be there for the start of a great night. Due to the nature of the show, everyone should wear a costume.  In more news, check out music from our new ep on, you can listen to the demo and download a few songs too.  We also have a couple shows set up for the second week of Nov. so mark 'em down.-Spike

10/11/04 . Radios, Concerts, Eps, oh my...

     We've had a great week going on KRNU and playing some of our new music, and whole lot of our favorite cds.  After we fix a few computer things, we'll have pictures from that night posted. Until then you can see some [here] from KRNU. Friday night was an even better time with MORBID, PESSIMIST CHRONICLES, and DIRTFEDD at TheBasement. We sold some EPs, made some friends, and had a darn good time. Thank you friends and family as always, great to see your support.   Now, check out a song off our ep that wasn't played on the radio right [HERE], and keep an eye out for the new pictures and music still to come.  Also, two chances to catch FS this Friday with KABOUKI, FATALIST and CYNGE, and a FREE show Saturday with DEADECHOES and more, both at TheRoyalGrove...-Spike

10/5/04 . KRNU Tonight!!!

     We finished the last touches on the EP and it's ready for tonight's appearance on KRNU 90.3 from 9-11pm, FREE music, cd's and more. KRNU phone 402-472-5768    -Spike

9/28/04 . mtvnews.JPG (1223 bytes)

    Hi I'm JN with an MTV news brief. FEAR SIGHT is deep in ThePIT working with Aaron (guitarist for CYNGE), laying down the tracks for their first EP, Afraid To See.  They've completed half the tracks on the cd, and the rest will be finished today and tomorrow, the mixing will be done this weekend.  Demos of the EP will be made to hand out at shows and the CD will be released soon after.  Listen to the FS interview on HERESY 90.3 on Oct. 5th from 9-11pm for a chance to win the Afraid To See,EP before it's released, other demos, and tickets to the Oct. 8th show at the 9th Street Basement.  Stay tuned for more news at ten to the hour, every hour right here on MTV.  -JN

9/21/04 . Upcoming Events

     Biggest thanks goes out to our Sunday night at Randy's crowd, for the best reception we've gotten yet.   It was also our first time playing with DEADECHOES & WESTSIDE PROLETARIAT, and they did a fantastic job blowing the crowed away.  To make night even better, it was Ben's Birthday (drummer for WSP).    So people were told to come in costume, and there were several great looking costumes around the bar.  Speaking of costumes, everyone should wear a costume to RANDY'S Grill on Oct 31st when we play with DIRTFEDD, FATALIST, and PAIN THEORY, same time & cost. Thanks again to everyone and Fatalist for a great time again.

    Now, the recording process has begun and will continue working with Aaron from CYNGE for the next couple weeks in ThePIT.   The first week we'll be laying down the tracks that will be played on 90.3 FMOct. 5th [or LIVE stream] with Robert from HERESY between 9 and 11pm or later. Listen for music from all the bands at the Oct. 8th show at 9th StBt. and a chance to WIN tickets to the show and the first FS cd's.   A week after the 8th, we'll be celebrating our good friend Walker's Birthday at TheRoyalGrove on Oct. 15th, I'll post the acts as soon as I know them all.  -Spike

9/16/04 . POST AWAY...

9/13/04 . NEW shows, music, and more...

gifkrnu.gif (72861 bytes)It has just been confirmed that FEAR SIGHT will be taking over the HeresyMetal radio Show on Oct. 5th. We'll be on 90.3 FM from 9-11pm, playing some studio and live FS clips, as well as all our other favorite bands.  We'll be talking about upcoming shows, and some special news about the demos we're recording for our first EP. Be sure to tune in and call us during the show at 402-472-5768 with any questions or requests. -Spike

9/2/04 . Recording Break

       This last week was one to remember, show for show.  Wed. and Sat. were Dirtfilled nights of metal mania, first at ThePoint and at TheGrove on Saturday. The locals, DIRTFEDD, CYNGE, GRAVESTORM and NARCOTIC SELF came out Saturday and we all had a good time during and some after the show.  Friday night we won our last battle and just made our van payments on time, thanks to the Fans again!!!  Now we said it before but this time we mean it, we'll be taking a break to record music. After I get back in town we'll record and update you as we go. Until then enjoy the photos from the July shows, more pictures from Aug. will soon fallow. -Spike

8/25/04 . Busy Week of Shows

       Tonight we will grace another Heavy Metal Wednesday at ThePointAfter w/ DIRTFEDD.   Show starts at 9:30 and cover is only $2 so come have a good old time and check it out. If you can't make that show, then Friday the 27th at TheRoyalGrove is the show to see.  Battle #2 starts at 8:30, $6 at the door, other acts include: MORBID, ALCHEMY, TRIAL BY ERROR, and MORE. This show will start a new Chapter in the FEAR SIGHT story, Don't Miss It.  Now for the real Metal Heads, Saturday the 28th at TheGrove has everything you could want. We'll be joining   GRAVESTORM, CYNGE, DIRTFEDD and NARCOTIC SELF for a $5, 19+ night of metal madness.   In more news, new FEAR GEAR is here!  We'll start selling t-shirts for $10 at the 27th show, their black with a white logo. Next, we'll be working on a demo for our EP, we'll have that ready for the shows in the -Spike

8/17/04 . Kittie Show Canceled!

       For some reason tonight's KITTIE concert at knickerbockers has been canceled.  So we will playing from 10-11pm and CYNGE will be playing from 11:30-12:30, cover is: 19-20/$5 and 21+/$3.  and Don't forget to mark down the 27th at TheGrove for Battle #2, Support,   Support, Support...-Spike

8/14/04 . Chapter 2

       Another great Friday the 13th party w/ UNSPOKEN was at TheGrove last night. We were short on time as always but still played a good 35mins and had a fun time.  Big thanks to the best fans a guitar player could ever have ;) that came to support. We've got more new shows coming up and this next week we'll be bangin' out the tracks and t-shirts and getting ready for Chapter2. It all starts the 27th at TheRoyalGrove,  now is the time for us to rise to our feet, because we will be herd! -Spike

8/8/04 . Soon 2 Come

       Sorry for the delays and lack of updates but it's been a busy couple weeks. We had a great time destroying equipment and rockin heads with FADED in Blair, NE and the night after with DIRTFEDD, FATALIST, and WADE at Randy's Grill & Chill. Everyone that came out and all the bands there liked the venue and agreed to make Heavy Metal Sunday official once a month. We have more shows coming up at ThePointAfter and TheRoyalGrove soon, check shows for details. In more news, we'll be taking a break to record some much needed new music tracks next week and work on some new stuff. T-shirts are also being made for Battle #2, Aug. 27 at TheRoyalGrove, and pictures from the first battle will be up soon. Until then, the Fear is Spreading... -Spike

7/25/04 . The Battle

        We all want to say thanks to Wade and everyone that came out this week to help support and Start the begining of the End. It really means a lot to us, special thanks goes to the ones at TheGrove on Friday who came out and helped us win the battle of the bands. All the bands that played sounded great, and we look forward to playing shows with everyone down the road. Big thanks to SS from CYNGE for getting us in the battle. In more news, the Guestbook is up and running again, check it out and drop a line and, we'll hopefully be playing a benefit show on July 31st in Blair, NE keep checkin back for details on that. Thanks again to all who came out and a BIG THANKS to our PitCrew for helping the last few days.  -Spike/Soul

7/22/04 . Last Night!

        We wanna thank Wade, CYNGE, and everyone that came out and saw out first show.  We almost didn't make it there, but after a few van troubles, being pulled over by the police, and being late to begin with, we made it alright.  It was a real fun time and CYNGE played a great set the hour after. There will be some pictures posted soon, thanks again to everyone who Got In The PIT!  -Spike

7/7/04 . July 21st

        On July 21st at ThePointAfter we will be opening for CYNGE and we'll be going on at 9:30pm. Cover is only $2, so come ready to ROCK HARD!  -Spike

7/4/04 . It's Fucking Over!

        FEAR SIGHT shook the walls of ThePIT July 2nd.  The show was in celebration of the completion of the band and most importantly, it was Justin's 21st birthday.  There are some pictures and a few audio clips from the show, and alittle more HERE. In more news, we will be playing a show on July 21st at ThePointAfter at 9pm w/ TBA. It's a 21+ and the cover is only $2, so come see our First Show and HELP START THE FEAR-Spike

6/18/04 . More

        Some of the pages under "Misc." on the PICTURES page have been updated after this weeks practices.  Pictures of our new studio, ThePIT are some of the additions as well as pictures of us Jammin', and chillin' on some down time.  More lyrics have also been added here, and now that we have enough songs, we'll be playing a small house party in the begining of July.  Bigger and better shows are already in the works, so keep checkin' for more to come... -Spike

6/14/04 . Finally

        IT'S OFFICIAL! FEAR SIGHT is here, and now we've got pictures and info about us. We've also got about 7 songs done now and we're looking ahead to find shows to play. In other news, you can now sign the guestbook and join ThePITCREW and Help keep Metal alive. Stay informed with up to date news, and don't forget to SpreadTheFear.  Only a few more things left to do before it's over... -Spike

6/10/04 . Weekend...

        The web site and the band is almost ready for its weekend debut. After practice on Sunday night, I'll be uploading all the New pages and sections along with pictures and more.   There will be more info on how far along the band is coming and find out when and where are first shows are gonna be. Until then...3 days. -Spike

5/30/04 . TheCountDown!

        We've been working real hard in the last two weeks and so far we have about 4 songs completed. The new lyrics have been posted for some of the songs and there's more to come. Some little changes have been made to the site, and in two weeks there will be a whole NEW section added. There will be lots of new information about the band, as well as pictures and other new pages. Keep checking The Count Down for more to come... -Spike

5/27/04 . TheVoice

        Matt McPherson has been added to the FEAR SIGHT line up, finally completing the quartet.  We'll be working with Matt over the next few weeks and start getting ready to play shows soon.   The first show will be earlier then you think, keep checking for more updates and info on the new additions. -Spike

4/19/04 . New Music Added

        The next song has been added to the list.   "Lonely" is one of the more slowed down, lighter side of FEAR SIGHT.  Our music requires more then just vocal violence,  melody is a big part in the creation.  We don't have any lyrics for this song, and it gives you the listener more of a chance for the music to bring out the lyrics you hear in it.  Also The PIT studio will be under construction in the next few weeks, more recording material is being added for another session down the road. -Spike

4/11/04 . MP3

    We recorded 10 tracks last weekend in The PIT and each week a track will be added to the music clips page.  "Grave Digger" and "Who's Your Enemy?" will be the first to start off.  Lyrics for both songs are on the lyrics page, give 'em a listen and if you think you've got what it takes then, drop us a line.   Next week I'll have pictures of past shows and the new studio up.  Plus, line up for the first show @ The PIT is under way, more info to come.  -Spike

2/26/04 .smallpit.jpeg (8508 bytes) IS BORN!

    We finally have found a home and will be moving in the first week of March.  The PIT is now located at:  1125 S. 24th, a sign will be out front on show days.  After we get everything set up we'll be recording some demo clips for the web page.  I'll have pictures of the new studio and the two weekend shows posted after we're all moved in,  sry for the delays.  -Spike

P.S. The Febuary 28th show time has been moved to 9pm instead of 10.

2/23/04 . Encore Show Set!

    Since the 13th show was such a blast we'll be playing another party for those who missed our last show.  We'll be playin' some new shit this time.  The show will be on February 28th, @ NICK'S place - gathering starts at 9pm.  Check here for more Venue and show info. -Spike

2/14/04 . Friday The 13th

    FEAR SIGHT rocked out The PIT last night around 9:15 and didn't power down till shortly after 10.  We played 8 songs and Jason was there to jam to all. The kegger started during the set and didn't die till after 3. We wanna thank everyone that came, and the rest who partied after. I'll have pictures posted soon. -Spike

2/7/04 .smallpit.jpeg (8508 bytes)

    While we continue looking for a home we'll be bringin' The PIT with us to NICK'S  for our Friday The 13th show.  There's NO cover for the show, so come ready to head-bang hard, and party with Jason. -Spike 

1/22/04 . Jason Comes 2 Party!

    February 13th just happens to fall on a Friday this year, so we'll be playing a basement show to promote our search for a vocalist, and more importantly to jam out!   Jason will be there too, Smashin' It All as he always does. Will have pictures up after the show. -Spike 

1/13/04 . It's been awhile!

       Just got some new PA shit and it's time to get things rollin' with looking for a new vocalist, but in the mean time, I'm currently building a new site with all new updates and plenty of new features. Keep checking for news on the new site and let the search for a vocalist begin! -Spike